A New Jersey Union

LOVE IS........

"I'm human, I feel, I understand. That's the highest level of love, is understanding - when you can understand someone, when you can love them with their flaws and their faults. So I understand, I consider. I may speak the truth, but I'll consider your feelings, too." - Tracy Morgan

There's always a memory from every wedding I shoot, and it's always something positive that helps me remember something special about the couple. I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived at the brides hotel room in New Jersey. Like all wedding's there seemed to be some confusion and disaster that was bound to ruin the whole event. But I will always remember how relaxed and happy the bride was, when everything seemed to be falling apart. Another thing I will remember is how much fun the couple had and how infectious their mood was. Jaime and Justin had a beautiful wedding and there was no denying how much they love each other. - Ada